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Understanding The Yolo App – How It Works & How To Read Between The Lines

Becoming a top downloaded application within its first week in official application stores, Yolo turns out to be a sequel of other similar apps that failed in the past. Things are different this time, as it comes with some improvements and a series of exciting features. To keep it simple, Yolo is associated with Snapchat and allows users to send anonymous messages to those who ask various questions. In other words, as a Snapchat user, you can ask users what they think about your makeup, your new outfit or your car and they will reply with anonymous messages.The most interesting part is that Yolo came out on top with little to no marketing or promotion at all. Its success caused a little concern because similar applications left room for bullying and aggressive messages in the past, as people like to hide their identities online.Yolo aims to tackle this problem by not tolerating any of this abuse. Whoever is caught abusing it will most likely have their accounts closed – simple as that.

What is Yolo

Yolo has been developed by a third party startup known as Popshow Inc. It has been developed using Snap Kit, which means it has to follow the strict Snapchat rules. However, it is not affiliated to Snapchat, yet it was successfully implemented into the application.Users login with their own usernames and can ask questions over Snapchat, but when it comes to replying anonymously, they have to do it through Yolo. If the asking user decides to reply, the message will be posted over Snapchat.What makes Yolo so popular is the perfect integration with Snapchat – an aspect that other similar applications have failed on. Other than that, anonymity can be helpful at times, as it allows people to be more honest. The user inviting others to ask can take questions from their list of friends or everyone over Snapchat, which means they have some control over who “spams” them with replies.Other than that, Yolo’s strict rules against abuse will most likely prove helpful in the future success of the app.

How to see who replies through Yolo

Whether it comes to asking someone out or telling someone how beautiful they are, this high level of anonymity can only make users ask themselves who is behind the message. When hiding behind an anonymous message, people tend to be more honest – especially teenagers, who tend to be a little shy face to face.Officially, there is no way to see who replies to your questions through Yolo. At some point, there were rumors that Yolo would disclose someone’s identity if they abused the app by sending bullying or aggressive messages. It never happened though – at least, not yet. Most users believe the developer will never share someone’s details, even if they abuse the app.Unofficially, there might be some options out there. Obviously, none of them is accepted by the Yolo developers, but the good news is they seem to work. So, how do you do it?

Find out who sends anonymous messages through Yolo

A simple search for a Yolo hack over the Internet will bring in a plethora of results. You will find softwares and forums that seem to have different opinions. Some forums claim that it is impossible – some of them even banish Yolo hack apps. Some other apps promise you the world. Attempting to find such details is a trend that everyone tries to milk one way or another.The good news is that a deeper search will take you where you want to be. There is, indeed, a Yolo app hack that actually works and the good news is it is compatible with most operating systems. It works differently on each OS, so here are the steps you need to follow for the hack to be efficient.

Using the Yolo app hack on Android devices

It makes no difference if your Android device is rooted or not. A rooted device gives you access to more features, but you do not need it for the Yolo app hack. Go to your settings and make sure that the device allows third party installations. The hack is not supported by Google Play.

  • Download the Yolo app hack.
  • Browse to the download folder and install it.
  • Installation is straightforward and implies a few clicks only.
  • Once installed, it will be naturally implemented into Snapchat.
  • When you get an anonymous message over Yolo, you will see a new button looking like a magnifying glass.
  • Click on it and you will get more details about the message, including the sender’s username.

Using the Yolo app hack on iOS devices

Just like Google, Apple has refused implementing the Yolo app hack into its official store. Download it through a third party source and you can still use it. The app works with all iOS devices. If your device is jailbroken, it will display the sender’s username too. If it is not, you have a 50-50 chance to miss it. It depends on the version of your OS. If it is too old, you may not see the username.

  • Download the Yolo app hack.
  • Install it manually – a simple and intuitive process.
  • When the installation is done, the hack will be immediately implemented into Snapchat.
  • When you get a message over Yolo, look for a magnifying glass on the top right corner of your screen – that is the Yolo app hack.
  • Click on it and give it a few seconds to display more details about the message – time, date, length and the sender’s username.

Using the Yolo app hack on Windows devices

If you have a Windows based smartphone, using the Yolo app hack is even easier.

  • Download and install the app.
  • Every message sends through Yolo will have a magnifying glass button in the upper right corner.
  • Clicking it will display the sender’s username.


Bottom line, Yolo is not the first app to be successfully hacked over a third party application. Other similar apps – be it Sarahah, Secret or YikYak – have been through similar issues. In fact, hackers hit these apps even harder by sharing users’ private details all over the Internet. The Yolo app hack is much safer from this point of view and only focuses on the actual users.​

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