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Top 9 Snapchat Tips & Tricks

Snapchat may seem relatively simple at first. You load it up, register and login. Your options are quite limited, not to mention its use. However, the more you dig into this app, the more features you will discover. The truth is that it features lots of less obvious settings that can make your life so much easier. Some of them are about fun – emojis and filters, while others are about speed and convenience.All in all, here are some of the most important tips and tricks that you may not even be aware of. Does YOLO Names Hack actually works? IT DOES! 

Switch cameras during snaps

This feature allows you to switch between front and back facing cameras while actually shooting snaps. Unfortunately, it does not work for everyone. For instance, all iOS users can do it. When it comes to Android, it depends on the device too – you can always give it a try.How do you do it? Simply double tap the screen while recording a video snap. If it switches to the other camera, you are lucky. This kind of feature allows you to capture reactions to what you see as well.

Improve login verification

Worried about login safety and security over Snapchat? There is nothing to worry about it. You can now set a two step authentication for Snapchat, which makes hacking almost impossible. This feature is known as the login verification.You will have to add a phone number to your Snapchat account. You will also see a setting to enable login verification. Once on, you will get a text message whenever someone tries to login to your account on another device – even when you do it yourself.

Make your profile picture a GIF

You might have seen animated profile pictures in Snapchat. It is not a premium feature or one for celebrities only, but something that anyone can do. Simply swipe down to get your personal code. You can then tap on the ghost and the viewfinder will display your mug.The GIF can be anything, yet you will most likely take some selfies. Click on the shutter button and you can take five different selfies – move fast, as you do not have too much time between them. They are automatically turned into a GIF.

Preserve data and battery

Snapchat comes with two major issues. First, you will most likely need to get more data because it goes through it like there is no tomorrow. Second, it has the capacity to drain your battery faster than a sophisticated game. However, you can actually limit this issue if you go into travel mode.The travel mode will prevent the app from automatically downloading media. In other words, images and videos will no longer be downloaded by themselves. The same rule applies to stories. How do you see media then? You just have to tap on the images and videos that you actually want to see.Savings depend on the size and amount of these files. How To Reveal Names YOLO Snapchat is the easy tool!

Design personalized filters

Did you know that you can design your own personalized filters? The same rule applies to lenses. Sure, the built in AR lenses are quite diversified but there is always room for more. Once you create your own, you can also share them with others, not to mention downloading others’ work too.Go to the lens carousel and move all the way to the end. The last one has a plus sign on it. Click it and Snapchat will teach you how to create personalized lenses. On a downside, this is a premium feature, so you cannot use it for free.

Discover the secret settings

When they set Snapchat up, most people stick to the basic settings. However, there is a secret menu that takes you to a different panel. It is quite visible, yet no one really goes there. So, how do you access it?You will need to swipe down and go to settings. Scroll down and find some additional services, then tap to manage them. You will have a plethora of hidden settings. For example, you can have a front facing flash, but you can also update filters or permissions.You even have the option to reduce the data consumption when you travel – a feature that works perfectly with the travel mode to save data.

Use more than one filter

Did you know that you could use more than just one filter for a picture? Filters are quite diversified, so you do have options. But then, there is always room for more. Plus, some pictures would look better with more than one filter.Assuming that you took a photo and you want to add a color filter and the time on it, you will simply have to swipe to the filter you want. Tap it and hold the finger down, then keep swiping until you find the time filter. This feature works with any filter combination you can think of.

Snaps with quality audio

You have probably seen it before – some people have great soundtracks associated with their snaps. Doing it yourself is relatively simple. Open your music player and start your favorite song. Switch to Snapchat and start recording your snap.This way, you will have both a snap and a great song on the background.

Finding friends with Snap Map

The Snap Map is not new at all, but some people still fail to use it or understand how it works. Luckily, it is quite simple. You can share your location as well, but you can also use the ghost mode to stay private. The location updates if you open the application though.Pinch and zoom in to see the map. You will see your friends and their emojis. You can also explore various areas.


Bottom line, Snapchat is more than just a messaging application. It is all about social media and interaction. However, just like any other application, it has some features that most people are not aware of. The more you know, the more comprehensive your experience will be.​


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